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Ecclesiasticus 29:1-8

On Lending and Borrowing

29The merciful lend to their neighbours;
   by holding out a helping hand they keep the commandments.
2 Lend to your neighbour in his time of need;
   repay your neighbour when a loan falls due.
3 Keep your promise and be honest with him,
   and on every occasion you will find what you need.
4 Many regard a loan as a windfall,
   and cause trouble to those who help them.
5 One kisses another’s hands until he gets a loan,
   and is deferential in speaking of his neighbour’s money;
but at the time for repayment he delays,
   and pays back with empty promises,
   and finds fault with the time.
6 If he can pay, his creditor* will hardly get back half,
   and will regard that as a windfall.
If he cannot pay, the borrower* has robbed the other of his money,
   and he has needlessly made him an enemy;
he will repay him with curses and reproaches,
   and instead of glory will repay him with dishonour.
7 Many refuse to lend, not because of meanness,
   but from fear* of being defrauded needlessly.

8 Nevertheless, be patient with someone in humble circumstances,
   and do not keep him waiting for your alms.


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