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Job 9:1, 10:1-9, 16-22

Job Replies: There Is No Mediator

9Then Job answered:

Job: I Loathe My Life

10‘I loathe my life;
   I will give free utterance to my complaint;
   I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.
2 I will say to God, Do not condemn me;
   let me know why you contend against me.
3 Does it seem good to you to oppress,
   to despise the work of your hands
   and favour the schemes of the wicked?
4 Do you have eyes of flesh?
   Do you see as humans see?
5 Are your days like the days of mortals,
   or your years like human years,
6 that you seek out my iniquity
   and search for my sin,
7 although you know that I am not guilty,
   and there is no one to deliver out of your hand?
8 Your hands fashioned and made me;
   and now you turn and destroy me.*
9 Remember that you fashioned me like clay;
   and will you turn me to dust again?
16 Bold as a lion you hunt me;
   you repeat your exploits against me.
17 You renew your witnesses against me,
   and increase your vexation towards me;
   you bring fresh troops against me.*

18 ‘Why did you bring me forth from the womb?
   Would that I had died before any eye had seen me,
19 and were as though I had not been,
   carried from the womb to the grave.
20 Are not the days of my life few?*
   Let me alone, that I may find a little comfort*
21 before I go, never to return,
   to the land of gloom and deep darkness,
22 the land of gloom* and chaos,
   where light is like darkness.’


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