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Sirach 18:19-33

The Need for Reflection and Self-Control

19 Before you speak, learn;
   and before you fall ill, take care of your health.
20 Before judgement comes, examine yourself;
   and at the time of scrutiny you will find forgiveness.
21 Before falling ill, humble yourself;
   and when you have sinned, repent.
22 Let nothing hinder you from paying a vow promptly,
   and do not wait until death to be released from it.
23 Before making a vow, prepare yourself;
   do not be like one who puts the Lord to the test.
24 Think of his wrath on the day of death,
   and of the moment of vengeance when he turns away his face.
25 In the time of plenty think of the time of hunger;
   in days of wealth think of poverty and need.
26 From morning to evening conditions change;
   all things move swiftly before the Lord.

27 One who is wise is cautious in everything;
   when sin is all around, one guards against wrongdoing.
28 Every intelligent person knows wisdom,
   and praises one who finds her.
29 Those who are skilled in words become wise themselves,
   and pour forth apt proverbs.*

Self-Control *

30 Do not follow your base desires,
   but restrain your appetites.
31 If you allow your soul to take pleasure in base desire,
   it will make you the laughing-stock of your enemies.
32 Do not revel in great luxury,
   or you may become impoverished by its expense.
33 Do not become a beggar by feasting with borrowed money
   when you have nothing in your purse.*


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