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Sirach 34:1-8,18-22

Dreams Mean Nothing

34The senseless have vain and false hopes,
   and dreams give wings to fools.
2 As one who catches at a shadow and pursues the wind,
   so is anyone who believes in* dreams.
3 What is seen in dreams is but a reflection,
   the likeness of a face looking at itself.
4 From an unclean thing what can be clean?
   And from something false what can be true?
5 Divinations and omens and dreams are unreal,
   and like a woman in labour, the mind has fantasies.
6 Unless they are sent by intervention from the Most High,
   pay no attention to them.
7 For dreams have deceived many,
   and those who put their hope in them have perished.
8 Without such deceptions the law will be fulfilled,
   and wisdom is complete in the mouth of the faithful.

18   To whom does he look? And who is his support?
19 The eyes of the Lord are on those who love him,
   a mighty shield and strong support,
a shelter from scorching wind and a shade from noonday sun,
   a guard against stumbling and a help against falling.
20 He lifts up the soul and makes the eyes sparkle;
   he gives health and life and blessing.

Offering Sacrifices

21 If one sacrifices ill-gotten goods, the offering is blemished;*
22   the gifts* of the lawless are not acceptable.


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