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Sirach 46:11-20

The Judges

11 The judges also, with their respective names,
   whose hearts did not fall into idolatry
and who did not turn away from the Lord—
   may their memory be blessed!
12 May their bones send forth new life from where they lie,
   and may the names of those who have been honoured
   live again in their children!

13 Samuel was beloved by his Lord;
   a prophet of the Lord, he established the kingdom
   and anointed rulers over his people.
14 By the law of the Lord he judged the congregation,
   and the Lord watched over Jacob.
15 By his faithfulness he was proved to be a prophet,
   and by his words he became known as a trustworthy seer.
16 He called upon the Lord, the Mighty One,
   when his enemies pressed him on every side,
   and he offered in sacrifice a sucking-lamb.
17 Then the Lord thundered from heaven,
   and made his voice heard with a mighty sound;
18 he subdued the leaders of the enemy*
   and all the rulers of the Philistines.
19 Before the time of his eternal sleep,
   Samuel* bore witness before the Lord and his anointed:
‘No property, not so much as a pair of shoes,
   have I taken from anyone!’
   And no one accused him.
20 Even after he had fallen asleep, he prophesied
   and made known to the king his death,
and lifted up his voice from the ground
   in prophecy, to blot out the wickedness of the people.


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