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sirach 24:8-23

8 ‘Then the Creator of all things gave me a command,
   and my Creator chose the place for my tent.
He said, “Make your dwelling in Jacob,
   and in Israel receive your inheritance.”
9 Before the ages, in the beginning, he created me,
   and for all the ages I shall not cease to be.
10 In the holy tent I ministered before him,
   and so I was established in Zion.
11 Thus in the beloved city he gave me a resting-place,
   and in Jerusalem was my domain.
12 I took root in an honoured people,
   in the portion of the Lord, his heritage.

13 ‘I grew tall like a cedar in Lebanon,
   and like a cypress on the heights of Hermon.
14 I grew tall like a palm tree in En-gedi,*
   and like rose-bushes in Jericho;
like a fair olive tree in the field,
   and like a plane tree beside water* I grew tall.
15 Like cassia and camel’s thorn I gave forth perfume,
   and like choice myrrh I spread my fragrance,
like galbanum, onycha, and stacte,
   and like the odour of incense in the tent.
16 Like a terebinth I spread out my branches,
   and my branches are glorious and graceful.
17 Like the vine I bud forth delights,
   and my blossoms become glorious and abundant fruit.*

19 ‘Come to me, you who desire me,
   and eat your fill of my fruits.
20 For the memory of me is sweeter than honey,
   and the possession of me sweeter than the honeycomb.
21 Those who eat of me will hunger for more,
   and those who drink of me will thirst for more.
22 Whoever obeys me will not be put to shame,
   and those who work with me will not sin.’

Wisdom and the Law

23 All this is the book of the covenant of the Most High God,
   the law that Moses commanded us
   as an inheritance for the congregations of Jacob.*


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