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Psalm 61

1  Hear my crying, O God, 
   and listen to my prayer.
2  From the end of the earth I call to you with fainting heart; 
   O set me on the rock that is higher than I.
3  For you are my refuge, 
   a strong tower against the enemy.
4  Let me dwell in your tent for ever 
   and take refuge under the cover of your wings.
5  For you, O God, will hear my vows; 
   you will grant the request of those who fear your name.
6  You will add length of days to the life of the king, 
   that his years may endure throughout all generations.
7  May he sit enthroned before God for ever; 
   may steadfast love and truth watch over him.
8  So will I always sing praise to your name, 
   and day by day fulfil my vows.


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