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9  The people of Ephraim, armed with the bow, 
   turned back in the day of battle;
10  They did not keep the covenant of God 
   and refused to walk in his law;
11  They forgot what he had done 
   and the wonders he had shown them.
12  For he did marvellous things in the sight of their forebears, 
   in the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan.
13  He divided the sea and let them pass through; 
   he made the waters stand still in a heap.
14  He led them with a cloud by day 
   and all the night through with a blaze of fire.
15  He split the hard rocks in the wilderness 
   and gave them drink as from the great deep.
16  He brought streams out of the rock 
   and made water gush out like rivers.
17  Yet for all this they sinned more against him 
   and defied the Most High in the wilderness.
18  They tested God in their hearts 
   and demanded food for their craving.
19  They spoke against God and said, 
   ‘Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?
20  ‘He struck the rock indeed, so that the waters gushed out
      and the streams overflowed, 
   but can he give bread or provide meat for his people?’
21  When the Lord heard this, he was full of wrath; 
   a fire was kindled against Jacob
      and his anger went out against Israel,
22  For they had no faith in God 
   and put no trust in his saving help.
23  So he commanded the clouds above 
   and opened the doors of heaven.
24  He rained down upon them manna to eat 
   and gave them the grain of heaven.
25  So mortals ate the bread of angels; 
   he sent them food in plenty.
26  He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens 
   and led out the south wind by his might.
27  He rained flesh upon them as thick as dust 
   and winged fowl like the sand of the sea.
28  He let it fall in the midst of their camp 
   and round about their tents.
29  So they ate and were well filled, 
   for he gave them what they desired.
30  But they did not stop their craving; 
   their food was still in their mouths,
31  When the anger of God rose against them, 
   and slew their strongest men
      and felled the flower of Israel.


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