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Proverbs 29.15-27

15 The rod and reproof give wisdom,
   but a mother is disgraced by a neglected child.
16 When the wicked are in authority, transgression increases,
   but the righteous will look upon their downfall.
17 Discipline your children, and they will give you rest;
   they will give delight to your heart.
18 Where there is no prophecy, the people cast off restraint,
   but happy are those who keep the law.
19 By mere words servants are not disciplined,
   for though they understand, they will not give heed.
20 Do you see someone who is hasty in speech?
   There is more hope for a fool than for anyone like that.
21 A slave pampered from childhood
   will come to a bad end.*
22 One given to anger stirs up strife,
   and the hothead causes much transgression.
23 A person’s pride will bring humiliation,
   but one who is lowly in spirit will obtain honour.
24 To be a partner of a thief is to hate one’s own life;
   one hears the victim’s curse, but discloses nothing.*
25 The fear of others* lays a snare,
   but one who trusts in the Lord is secure.
26 Many seek the favour of a ruler,
   but it is from the Lord that one gets justice.
27 The unjust are an abomination to the righteous,
   but the upright are an abomination to the wicked.


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