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Ecclesiasticus 51:13-22

13When I was yet young, or ever I went abroad, I desired wisdom openly in my prayer.
14I prayed for her before the temple, and will seek her out even to the end.
15Even from the flower till the grape was ripe hath my heart delighted in her: my foot went the right way, from my youth up sought I after her.
16I bowed down mine ear a little, and received her, and gat much learning.
17I profited therein, therefore will I ascribe glory unto him that giveth me wisdom.
18For I purposed to do after her, and earnestly I followed that which is good; so shall I not be confounded.
19My soul hath wrestled with her, and in my doings I was exact: I stretched forth my hands to the heaven above, and bewailed my ignorances of her.
20I directed my soul unto her, and I found her in pureness: I have had my heart joined with her from the beginning, therefore shall I not be foresaken.
21My heart was troubled in seeking her: therefore have I gotten a good possession.
22The Lord hath given me a tongue for my reward, and I will praise him therewith.


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