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Sir 47:1-11


47After him Nathan rose up
   to prophesy in the days of David.


2 As the fat is set apart from the offering of well-being,
   so David was set apart from the Israelites.
3 He played with lions as though they were young goats,
   and with bears as though they were lambs of the flock.
4 In his youth did he not kill a giant,
   and take away the people’s disgrace,
when he whirled the stone in the sling
   and struck down the boasting Goliath?
5 For he called on the Lord, the Most High,
   and he gave strength to his right arm
to strike down a mighty warrior,
   and to exalt the power* of his people.
6 So they glorified him for the tens of thousands he conquered,
   and praised him for the blessings bestowed by the Lord,
   when the glorious diadem was given to him.
7 For he wiped out his enemies on every side,
   and annihilated his adversaries the Philistines;
   he crushed their power* to our own day.
8 In all that he did he gave thanks
   to the Holy One, the Most High, proclaiming his glory;
he sang praise with all his heart,
   and he loved his Maker.
9 He placed singers before the altar,
   to make sweet melody with their voices.*
10 He gave beauty to the festivals,
   and arranged their times throughout the year,*
while they praised God’s* holy name,
   and the sanctuary resounded from early morning.
11 The Lord took away his sins,
   and exalted his power* for ever;
he gave him a covenant of kingship
   and a glorious throne in Israel.


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