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Psalm 11

1  In the Lord have I taken refuge; 
   how then can you say to me,
      ‘Flee like a bird to the hills,
2  ‘For see how the wicked bend the bow
      and fit their arrows to the string, 
   to shoot from the shadows at the true of heart.
3  ‘When the foundations are destroyed, 
   what can the righteous do?’
4  The Lord is in his holy temple; 
   the Lord’s throne is in heaven.
5  His eyes behold, 
   his eyelids try every mortal being.
6  The Lord tries the righteous as well as the wicked, 
   but those who delight in violence his soul abhors.
7  Upon the wicked he shall rain coals of fire
      and burning sulphur; 
   scorching wind shall be their portion to drink.
8  For the Lord is righteous;
      he loves righteous deeds, 
   and those who are upright shall behold his face.


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