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Sirach 43: 23-33

23 By his plan he stilled the deep
   and planted islands in it.
24 Those who sail the sea tell of its dangers,
   and we marvel at what we hear.
25 In it are strange and marvellous creatures,
   all kinds of living things, and huge sea-monsters.
26 Because of him each of his messengers succeeds,
   and by his word all things hold together.

27 We could say more but could never say enough;
   let the final word be: ‘He is the all.’
28 Where can we find the strength to praise him?
   For he is greater than all his works.
29 Awesome is the Lord and very great,
   and marvellous is his power.
30 Glorify the Lord and exalt him as much as you can,
   for he surpasses even that.
When you exalt him, summon all your strength,
   and do not grow weary, for you cannot praise him enough.
31 Who has seen him and can describe him?
   Or who can extol him as he is?
32 Many things greater than these lie hidden,
   for I* have seen but few of his works.
33 For the Lord has made all things,
   and to the godly he has given wisdom.


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