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Sirach 46: 1-10

Joshua and Caleb

46Joshua son of Nun was mighty in war,
   and was the successor of Moses in the prophetic office.
He became, as his name implies,
   a great saviour of God’s* elect,
to take vengeance on the enemies that rose against them,
   so that he might give Israel its inheritance.
2 How glorious he was when he lifted his hands
   and brandished his sword against the cities!
3 Who before him ever stood so firm?
   For he waged the wars of the Lord.
4 Was it not through him that the sun stood still
   and one day became as long as two?
5 He called upon the Most High, the Mighty One,
   when enemies pressed him on every side,
and the great Lord answered him
   with hailstones of mighty power.
6 He overwhelmed that nation in battle,
   and on the slope he destroyed his opponents,
so that the nations might know his armament,
   that he was fighting in the sight of the Lord;
   for he was a devoted follower of the Mighty One.
7 And in the days of Moses he proved his loyalty,
   he and Caleb son of Jephunneh:
they opposed the congregation,*
   restrained the people from sin,
   and stilled their wicked grumbling.
8 And these two alone were spared
   out of six hundred thousand infantry,
to lead the people* into their inheritance,
   the land flowing with milk and honey.
9 The Lord gave Caleb strength,
   which remained with him in his old age,
so that he went up to the hill country,
   and his children obtained it for an inheritance,
10 so that all the Israelites might see
   how good it is to follow the Lord.


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