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Sirach 7: 4-14

4 Do not seek from the Lord high office,
   or the seat of honour from the king.
5 Do not assert your righteousness before the Lord,
   or display your wisdom before the king.
6 Do not seek to become a judge,
   or you may be unable to root out injustice;
you may be partial to the powerful,
   and so mar your integrity.
7 Commit no offence against the public,
   and do not disgrace yourself among the people.

8 Do not commit a sin twice;
   not even for one will you go unpunished.
9 Do not say, ‘He will consider the great number of my gifts,
   and when I make an offering to the Most High God, he will accept it.’
10 Do not grow weary when you pray;
   do not neglect to give alms.
11 Do not ridicule a person who is embittered in spirit,
   for there is One who humbles and exalts.
12 Do not devise* a lie against your brother,
   or do the same to a friend.
13 Refuse to utter any lie,
   for it is a habit that results in no good.
14 Do not babble in the assembly of the elders,
   and do not repeat yourself when you pray.


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