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Psalm 26

1  Give judgement for me, O Lord,
      for I have walked with integrity; 
   I have trusted in the Lord and have not faltered.
2  Test me, O Lord, and try me; 
   examine my heart and my mind.
3  For your love is before my eyes; 
   I have walked in your truth.
4  I have not joined the company of the false, 
   nor consorted with the deceitful.
5  I hate the gathering of evildoers 
   and I will not sit down with the wicked.
6  I will wash my hands in innocence, O Lord, 
   that I may go about your altar,
7  To make heard the voice of thanksgiving 
   and tell of all your wonderful deeds.
8  Lord, I love the house of your habitation 
   and the place where your glory abides.


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