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Psalm 10

Why do you stand far off, O Lord :
 why do you hide your face in time of need?
The ungodly in their pride persecute the poor :
 let them be caught in the schemes they have devised.
For the ungodly man boasts of his heart’s desire :
 he grasps at profit, he spurns and blasphemes the Lord.
He says in his arrogance ‘God will not avenge’ :
 ‘There is no God’ is all his thought.
He is settled in all his ways :
 your statutes, O Lord, are far above him,
   and he does not see.
He snorts defiance at his enemies, he says in his heart
   ‘I shall never be shaken :
 I shall walk secure from any man’s curse.’
His mouth is full of oppression and deceit :
 mischief and wickedness lie under his tongue.
He skulks about in the villages :
 and secretly murders the innocent.
His eyes watch out for the helpless :
 he lurks concealed like a lion in a thicket.
He lies in wait to seize upon the poor :
 he lays hold on the poor man and drags him off in his net.
The upright are crushed and humbled before him :
 and the helpless fall into his power.
He says in his heart ‘God has forgotten :
 he has covered his face and sees nothing.’
Arise, O Lord God, lift up your hand :
 forget not the poor for ever.
Why should the wicked man spurn God :
 why should he say in his heart ‘He will not avenge’?
Surely you see the trouble and the sorrow :
 you look on, and will take it into your own hands.
The helpless commits himself to you :
 for you are the helper of the fatherless.
Break the power of the ungodly :
 search out his wickedness till it is found no more.
The Lord is king for ever and ever :
 the heathen have perished from his land.
You have heard the longing of the meek, O Lord :
 you turned your ear to their hearts’ desire,
To help the poor and fatherless to their right :
 that men may no more be terrified from their land.


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