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Psalm 109

O God of my praise, do not be silent :
 for evil and deceitful mouths are opened against me.
They speak of me with lying tongues :
 they surround me with words of hatred, they fight against me without cause.
In return for my friendship they oppose me :
 and that for no fault of mine.
They repay me evil for good :
 and hatred for my affection.
[Appoint an evil man to stand against him :
 and let an adversary be at his right hand.
When he is judged, let him be found guilty :
 let his prayer for help be counted as sin.
Let his days be few :
 and let another take what he has hoarded.
Let his children be made fatherless :
 and his wife become a widow.
Let his children be vagabonds and beggars :
 let them seek alms far from their own homes.
Let the usurer exact all that he has :
 and let strangers plunder the fruit of his toil.
Let no man be loyal to him :
 and let no one have pity on his fatherless children.
Let his line become extinct :
 in one generation let their name be blotted out.
Let the sins of his fathers be remembered by the Lord :
 and his mother’s iniquity not be wiped away.
Let their sins be constantly before the Lord :
 may he root out their memory from the earth.
For he was a man that did not remember to show loyalty :
 but he persecuted the humble, the poor and the crushed in spirit,
   and sought to put them to death.
He loved to curse let curses fall on him :
 he took no pleasure in blessing, so let it be far from him.
He clothed himself in cursing like a garment :
 so let it seep like water into his body and like oil into his bones.
Let it be as the clothes he wraps about him :
 or like the girdle that he wears each day.
This is the Lord’s recompense to those that oppose him :
 to those that speak evil against me.]
Act for me, O Lord my God, for your name’s sake :
 and deliver me, as your steadfast love is good.
For I am poor and needy :
 and my heart writhes within me.
I fade like a lengthening shadow :
 I am shaken off like a locust.
My knees are weak from fasting :
 my flesh grows lean and shrunken.
I have become the scorn of my enemies :
 and when they see me, they toss their heads in derision.
Help me, O Lord my God :
 and save me for your mercy’s sake,
That men may know it was your hand :
 that you, O Lord, have done it.
Though they curse, yet give me your blessing :
 and those that come against me will be put to shame,
   and your servant shall rejoice.
Let those that oppose me be covered with disgrace :
 let them wear their shame as a garment.
And I will give the Lord great thanks with my mouth :
 and praise him in the midst of a multitude.
For the Lord will stand at the right hand of the poor :
 to save him from those that would condemn him.


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