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Psalm 11

In the Lord I have found my refuge :
 how then can you say to me
   ‘Flee like a bird to the mountains;
‘Look how the wicked bend their bows,
   and notch the arrow upon the string :
 to shoot from the darkness at the true of heart;
‘If the foundations are destroyed :
 what can the just man do?’
The Lord is in his holy place,
   the Lord is enthroned in heaven :
 his eyes search out, his glance tries the children of men.
He tries the righteous and the wicked :
 and him that delights in violence his soul abhors.
He will rain down coals of fire and brimstone
   upon the wicked :
 a scorching wind shall be their cup to drink.
For the Lord is righteous and loves righteous acts :
 the upright shall see his face.


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