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Psalm 141

O Lord, I call to you, make haste to help me :
 and hear my voice when I cry.
Let my prayer be as incense before you :
 and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.
Set a guard, O Lord, on my mouth :
 and keep the door of my lips.
Let not my heart incline to evil speech,
   to join in wickedness with wrongdoers :
 let me not taste the pleasures of their table.
But let the righteous man chastise me :
 and the faithful man rebuke me.
Let not the oil of the wicked anoint my head :
 for I pray to you still against their wickedness.
They shall be cast down by that Mighty One who is their judge :
 and how pleasing shall my words be to them then!
As when a farmer breaks the ground :
 so shall their bones lie scattered at the mouth of Sheol.
But my eyes look to you, O Lord my God :
 to you I come for refuge, do not pour out my life.
Keep me from the snare that they have laid for me :
 and from the traps of the evildoers.
Let the wicked fall together into their own nets :
 whilst I pass safely by.


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