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Psalm 143

Hear my prayer, O Lord :
 in your faithfulness consider my petition,
   and in your righteousness give me answer.
Bring not your servant into judgement :
 for in your sight can no man living be justified.
For the enemy has pursued me,
   he has crushed my life to the ground :
 he has made me dwell in darkness, like those for ever dead.
Therefore my spirit grows faint :
 and my heart is appalled within me.
I remember the days of old, I think on all that you have done :
 I consider the works of your hands.
I stretch out my hands toward you :
 my soul yearns for you like a thirsty land.
Be swift to hear me, O Lord, for my spirit fails :
 hide not your face from me,
   lest I be like those who go down to the Pit.
O let me hear of your merciful kindness in the morning,
   for my trust is in you :
 show me the way that I should go, for you are my hope.
Deliver me from my enemies, O Lord :
 for I run to you for shelter.
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God :
 let your kindly spirit lead me in an even path.
For your name’s sake, O Lord, preserve my life :
 and for the sake of your righteousness, bring me out of trouble.
[In your merciful goodness slay my enemies,
   and destroy all those that come against me :
 for truly I am your servant.]


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