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Psalm 88

O Lord my God, I call for help by day :
 and by night also I cry out before you.
Let my prayer come into your presence :
 and turn your ear to my loud crying.
For my soul is filled with trouble :
 and my life has come even to the brink of the grave.
I am reckoned among those that go down to the Pit :
 I am a man that has no help.
I lie among the dead, like the slain that sleep in the grave :
 whom you remember no more,
   who are cut off from your power.
You have laid me in the lowest Pit :
 in darkness and in the watery depths.
Your wrath lies heavy upon me :
 and all your waves are brought against me.
You have put my friends far from me :
 and made me to be abhorred by them.
I am so fast in prison I cannot get free :
 my eyes fail because of my affliction.
Lord, I call to you every day :
 I stretch out my hands toward you.
Will you work wonders for the dead :
 or will the shades rise up again to praise you?
Shall your love be declared in the grave :
 or your faithfulness in the place of destruction?
Will your wonders be made known in the dark :
 or your righteousness in the land
   where all things are forgotten?
But to you, Lord, will I cry :
 early in the morning my prayer shall come before you.
O Lord, why have you rejected me :
 why do you hide your face from me?
I have been afflicted and wearied from my youth upward :
 I am tossed high and low, I cease to be.
Your fierce anger has overwhelmed me :
 and your terrors have put me to silence.
They surround me like a flood all the day long :
 they close upon me from every side.
Friend and acquaintance you have put far from me :
 and kept my companions from my sight.


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