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1 Maccabees 11:52-59

52 So King Demetrius sat on the throne of his kingdom, and the land was quiet before him. 53But he broke his word about all that he had promised; he became estranged from Jonathan and did not repay the favours that Jonathan* had done him, but treated him very harshly.

Trypho Seizes Power

54 After this Trypho returned, and with him the young boy Antiochus who began to reign and put on the crown. 55All the troops that Demetrius had discharged gathered around him; they fought against Demetrius,* and he fled and was routed. 56Trypho captured the elephants* and gained control of Antioch. 57Then the young Antiochus wrote to Jonathan, saying, ‘I confirm you in the high-priesthood and set you over the four districts and make you one of the king’s Friends.’ 58He also sent him gold plate and a table service, and granted him the right to drink from gold cups and dress in purple and wear a gold buckle. 59He appointed Jonathan’s* brother Simon governor from the Ladder of Tyre to the borders of Egypt.


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