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Judith 16:15–22

15 For the mountains shall be shaken to their foundations with the waters;
   before your glance the rocks shall melt like wax.
But to those who fear you
   you show mercy.
16 For every sacrifice as a fragrant offering is a small thing,
   and the fat of all whole burnt-offerings to you is a very little thing;
but whoever fears the Lord is great for ever.

17 Woe to the nations that rise up against my people!
   The Lord Almighty will take vengeance on them in the day of judgement;
he will send fire and worms into their flesh;
   they shall weep in pain for ever.

18 When they arrived at Jerusalem, they worshipped God. As soon as the people were purified, they offered their burnt-offerings, their freewill-offerings, and their gifts. 19Judith also dedicated to God all the possessions of Holofernes, which the people had given her; and the canopy that she had taken for herself from his bedchamber she gave as a votive offering. 20For three months the people continued feasting in Jerusalem before the sanctuary, and Judith remained with them.

The Renown and Death of Judith

21 After this they all returned home to their own inheritances. Judith went to Bethulia, and remained on her estate. For the rest of her life she was honoured throughout the whole country. 22Many desired to marry her, but she gave herself to no man all the days of her life after her husband Manasseh died and was gathered to his people.


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