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Then Israel came into Egypt :
 and Jacob dwelt in the land of Ham.
There the Lord made his people fruitful :
 too numerous for their enemies,
Whose hearts he turned to hate his people :
 and to deal deceitfully with his servants.
Then he sent Moses his servant :
 And Aaron whom he had chosen.
Through them he manifested his signs :
 and his wonders in the land of Ham.
He sent darkness, and it was dark :
 yet they would not obey his commands.
He turned their waters into blood :
 and slew the fish therein.
Their country swarmed with frogs :
 even the inner chambers of their kings.
He spoke the word, and there came great swarms of flies :
 and gnats within all their borders.
He sent them storms of hail :
 and darts of fire into their land.
He struck their vines and their fig-trees :
 and shattered the trees within their borders.
He commanded, and there came grasshoppers :
 and young locusts without number.
They ate up every green thing in the land :
 and devoured the fruit of the soil.
He smote all the first-born in their land :
 the first-fruits of all their manhood.
He brought Israel out with silver and with gold :
 and not one among their tribes was seen to stumble.
Egypt was glad at their going :
 for dread of Israel had fallen upon them.
He spread out a cloud for a covering :
 and fire to lighten the night.
The people asked, and he brought them quails :
 and satisfied them with the bread from heaven.
He opened a rock, so that the waters gushed :
 and ran in the parched land like a river.
For he had remembered his holy word :
 that he gave to Abraham his servant.
So he led out his people with rejoicing :
 his chosen ones with shouts of joy;
He gave them the land of the nations :
 and they took possession of the fruit of other men’s toil,
So that they might keep his statutes :
 and faithfully obey his laws.
   O praise the Lord.


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