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Psalm 92

How good to give thanks to the Lord :
 to sing praises to your name, O Most High,
To declare your love in the morning :
 and at night to sing of your faithfulness,
Upon the lute, upon the lute of ten strings :
 and to the melody of the lyre.
For in all you have done, O Lord, you have made me glad :
 I will sing for joy because of the works of your hands.
Lord, how glorious are your works :
 your thoughts are very deep.
The brutish do not consider :
 and the fool cannot understand
That though the wicked sprout like grass :
 and all wrongdoers flourish,
They flourish to be destroyed for ever :
 but you, Lord, are exalted for evermore.
For behold, your enemies, O Lord, your enemies shall perish :
  and all the workers of wickedness shall be scattered.
You have lifted up my head like the horns of the wild oxen :
 I am anointed with fresh oil;
My eyes have looked down on my enemies :
 and my ears have heard the ruin of those who rose up against me.
The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree :
 they shall spread abroad like a cedar in Lebanon;
For they are planted in the house of the Lord :
 and flourish in the courts of our God.
In old age they shall be full of sap :
 they shall be sturdy and laden with branches;
And they will say that the Lord is just :
 the Lord my Rock, in whom is no unrighteousness.


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