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Psalm 105

O give thanks to the Lord and call upon his name :
 tell among the peoples what things he has done.
Sing to him, O sing praises :
 and be telling of all his marvellous works.
Exult in his holy name :
 and let those that seek the Lord be joyful in heart.
Seek the Lord and his strength :
 O seek his face continually.
Call to mind what wonders he has done :
 his marvellous acts, and the judgements of his mouth,
O seed of Abraham his servant :
 O children of Jacob his chosen one.
He brought Israel out with silver and with gold :
 and not one among their tribes was seen to stumble.
Egypt was glad at their going :
 for dread of Israel had fallen upon them.
He spread out a cloud for a covering :
 and fire to lighten the night.
The people asked, and he brought them quails :
 and satisfied them with the bread from heaven.
He opened a rock, so that the waters gushed :
 and ran in the parched land like a river.
For he had remembered his holy word :
 that he gave to Abraham his servant.
So he led out his people with rejoicing :
 his chosen ones with shouts of joy;
He gave them the land of the nations :
 and they took possession of the fruit of other men’s toil,
So that they might keep his statutes :
 and faithfully obey his laws.
   O praise the Lord.


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