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Psalm 31

To you, Lord, have I come for shelter :
 let me never be put to shame.
O deliver me in your righteousness :
 incline your ear to me and be swift to save me.
Be for me a rock of refuge, a fortress to defend me :
 for you are my high rock and my stronghold.
Lead me and guide me for your name’s sake :
 bring me out of the net that they have secretly laid for me,
   for you are my strength.
Into your hands I commit my spirit :
 you will redeem me, O Lord God of truth.
O Lord, let me not be confounded,
   for I have called upon you :
 but let the wicked be put to shame
   and brought to silence in the grave.
Let the lying lips be dumb :
 that in pride and contempt
   speak such insolence against the just.
O how plentiful is your goodness,
   stored up for those that fear you :
 and prepared in the sight of men
   for all who come to you for refuge.
You will hide them in the cover of your presence
   from the plots of men :
 you will shelter them in your refuge
   from the strife of tongues.
Blessed be the Lord our God :
 for he has wonderfully shown me his steadfast love,
   when I was as a city besieged.
When I was afraid, I said in my haste :
 ‘I am cut off from your sight.’


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