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Psalm 49

O hear this, all you peoples :
 give ear, all you inhabitants of the world,
All children of men and sons of Adam :
 both rich and poor alike.
For my mouth shall speak wisdom :
 and the thoughts of my heart shall be full of understanding.
I will incline my ear to a riddle :
 and unfold the mystery to the sounds of the harp.
Why should I fear in the evil days :
 when the wickedness of my deceivers surrounds me,
Though they trust to their great wealth :
 and boast of the abundance of their riches?
No man may ransom his brother :
 or give God a price for him,
So that he may live for ever :
 and never see the grave;
For to ransom men’s lives is so costly :
 that he must abandon it for ever.
For we see that wise men die :
 and perish with the foolish and the ignorant,
   leaving their wealth to others.
The tomb is their home for ever,
   their dwelling-place throughout all generations :
 though they called estates after their own names.
A rich man without understanding :
 is like the beasts that perish.


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