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Psalm 89

Lord, I will sing for ever of your loving-kindnesses :
 my mouth shall proclaim your faithfulness
   throughout all generations.
I have said of your loving-kindness that it is built for ever :
 you have established your faithfulness in the heavens.
The Lord said ‘I have made a covenant with my chosen :
 I have sworn an oath to my servant David.
‘I will establish your line for ever :
 and build up your throne for all generations.’
You spoke once in a vision :
 and said to your faithful one,
‘I have set a youth above a warrior :
 I have exalted a young man out of the people.
‘I have found my servant David :
 and anointed him with my holy oil.
‘My hand shall uphold him :
 and my arm shall strengthen him.
‘No enemy shall deceive him :
 no evil man shall hurt him.
‘I will crush his adversaries before him :
 and strike down those that hate him.
‘My faithfulness and loving-kindness shall be with him :
 and through my name his head shall be lifted high.
‘I will set the hand of his dominion upon the Western Sea :
 and his right hand shall stretch to the streams of Mesopotamia.


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